OOO like a Pro


Request Time Off

Be honest with your request. Good managers respect that people need time away from work. In a post covid world there is an endless stream of business news about employee burnout and how to prevent it. Employees owning their wellness is just one less thing a manager has to worry about.

Outlook Calendar

Block your calendar so people will know you’re OOO when scheduling meetings ahead of time.

  • Add the time to your coworkers calendars so they’re aware and reminded of your time off.
  • Add time to your calendar so no one can invite you to meetings when you will be OOO.

Slack It

Remind your team in Slack that you have time off in the near future. The week before is a good time.

Delegate Responsibilities

It should go without saying, but you need to make sure you update everyone on what needs their attention during your absence.

(Optional) Email automatic out of office replies

This step is optional if you plan on answering emails as required.

protection from UV not optional



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